Aloe Vera gel, properties and uses

The benefits of aloe vera are popular all over the world, although, as often happens in the cosmetic and therapeutic fields, the scientific evidence confirming its effectiveness is questioned by public and private research.

The aloe vera gel it moisturizes the skin, it is true but today, at the center of the debate there are others property: the topical application of aloe vera could avoid radiation-induced skin damage, there are many studies showing how much the aloe vera gel may be useful in soothing the damage of sunburn and recent reviews, even speak of the ability to protect the skin from sun damage. Topical application of aloe vera gel can also be effective against various ailments such as genital herpes and psoriasis.

How to use aloe vera gel?

Aloe vera gel is commonly used as an ingredient in the preparation of yogurt and industrial drinks, for the preparation of sweets and the formulation of topical creams. When it comes to DIY, it is not recommended to prepare products to ingest. If you are going to extract aloe vera gel you can use it freely for skin care. Apply aloe gel all over your body to refresh and moisturize the skin. Avoid contact with eyes.

Aloe Vera gel for food use

As stated, aloe vera gel is used industrially as an ingredient for the preparation of various food products. The most common contraindications and side effects of aloe vera gel are related to the intrinsic laxative properties of aloe. When the aloe vera gel is used for food purposes, the processing includes the elimination of a large part of the aloin contained in the gel. The aloe vera juice, as well as the same aloe gel, are added to yogurt and other wellness drinks for their beneficial properties on the digestive system. For info: Aloe Vera contraindications

Where to buy aloe vera gel?

Aloe vera gel can be purchased at stores that specialize in natural wellness products. According to the wording, the aloe vera gel It can be used for skin beauty or as a natural anti-inflammatory, for body care.

Among the products on the market we would like to point out the 100% pure Aloe Vera Gel from Alarnic. It is pure aloe gel produced from organic farming. The anti-inflammatory effect of aloe is supported by other plant extracts such as those ofDevil's claw andarnica.

It is a moisturizing cream based on aloe vera, with excellent anti-inflammatory properties so much so that it can be used in case of sprains, bruises, muscle decontractures and as an excellent refreshing and relaxing after intensive workouts in the gym. This product is offered on Amazon at a price of 13.99 euros with shipping included.

Another product with an interesting profile (and price) is Aloe Pura Gel & Vitamin A - C - E. It is aloe vera gel enriched with vitamins A, C and E, ideal for nourishing the skin. Again, the aloe gel was extracted from the plant of aloe vera grown organically (Made with 100% organic Aloe Vera). This product is offered on Amazon at the promotional price of 5.93 euros for a 200 ml bottle.

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