Asbestos encapsulation, when is it convenient?

L'encapsulation of asbestosit is a cheaper alternative than its removal. Users who planning the removal of an asbestos cover may consider an alternative remediation work: theasbestos encapsulation.

Those who remove asbestos are forced to rely on a specialized company and face the costs of removal and disposal, and then spend more money on the construction of the replacement cover for the old asbestos sheets. With the'encapsulationthe prices fall as the user will not have to purchase additional materials but will only have to bear the costs of "securing". L'asbestos encapsulationcan be seen as a work of "securing" as the asbestos problem is solved by means of a treatment that fixes the asbestos fibers, preventing their release.

The intervention of asbestos encapsulationmust take place in compliance with the D.M. 08/20/1999. The user who wants to carry out the remediation of asbestos through hisencapsulationmust request from the company to which it is addressed, the attestation of conformity of the encapsulating product applied and the attestation of compliant execution of the works. At the end of the works "the landlord" will have to start a "Maintenance and Control Program "so as to monitor the progress ofencapsulation:the user must check that there are no detachments, flaking and cracks in the encapsulating coating of the treated surface. The monitoring phase consists of periodically observing the surface of the treated area so as to promptly intervene in the event of unforeseen events. The interventions following theencapsulationwill have to restore the encapsulating coating by applying another layer of product or repairing the one previously installed.

L'asbestos encapsulationhas some "contraindication", first of all it cannot be carried out if the asbestos roofing or the other components made with this material are too dated, worn or badly placed. With encapsulation, it is not said that asbestos should not be removed at a later time and when the time for removal comes, this will be more complicated precisely because of the waterproofing treatment carried out with the encapsulation.

What are the prices ofasbestos encapsulation?
As often happens, a lot depends on the surface to be treated. There are many variables that determine the price of the treatmentasbestos encapsulation, the complexity of the work, the accessibility of the surface to be treated, the quantity of the surface to be treated ... let's say that the indicative price for a flat and easily accessible surface is far less than 1,000 euros for a length of up to 50 square meters. For larger or more difficult to access surfaces, the price goes up.

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