Anti-mold paint for interiors

TO a anti-mold paint for the walls we must ask that we solve the problem without risk to health. Having to act in critical situations, these paints tend to be very aggressive and opaque, in some cases resorting to substances that can pollute the air in the house.

If we just don't find one anti-mold paint bio-ecological completely free from petroleum derivatives, let's make sure that it does not contain solvents and that it is VOC free, that is, without the notorious volatile organic compounds.

So that you can try to recognize them on the label, here are the chemical definitions under which the VOCs are hidden:

  • chlorinated hydrocarbons;
  • aromatic hydrocarbons;
  • polycyclic aromatics;
  • alkanes, cycloalkanes;
  • aldehydes;
  • terpenes.

They can be present in many building products (synthetic fabrics, treated wood panels ...) but more in glues and paints. If you breathe them in intensely they have a stunning effect, almost like a drug. You know when we say 'drug of the poor?'. Here, those are the VOCs.

Closed the VOC speech, let's go back to ours anti-mold paint. It must surely have a fungicidal function (mold is made up of fungi) and disinfectant. But perhaps this is not enough because if you do not act on the cause of the mold it returns.

If the mold stains are caused by water infiltration or micro-cracks, there is no paint to hold. There the cause of the problem must be found (perhaps with the help of thermography if it is necessary to trace a fault or lack of insulation) and a building intervention is carried out. Ditto if it is rising damp.

If, on the other hand, the problem is minor and depends on the formation of condensation inside the premises, with a anti-mold paint bioecological (VOC free) excellent results can be obtained by improving the quality of indoor air.

Normally the application of a anti-mold paint and anti-condensation must be preceded by a cleaning and disinfection action on the part affected by the stains. Better to do it with bio-ecological solutions (see for example our article Mold on the walls, natural remedies), even better to follow the instructions on the label of the paint you want to use.

Which paint? In my opinion, a valid product is the Anti-mold and anti-condensation thermal paint that you can find on Amazon

I used it to treat a wall that had mold problems and I honestly didn't see the miracle (which I didn't expect) but the result was satisfactory. A 2.5 liter pack is recommended for 3.5 square meters of wall, but I have reached 4 and the application is easy (brush or roller).

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