Bmw i3: opinions and specifications

Get on board theBMW i3, press the start button and ... silence. You don't hear any engines roar. Glancing at the dashboard (with eucalyptus inserts), a large display stands out and a light indicator warns you that you are ready to go. These are the first driving emotions given by theelectric car Bmw i3.

ThereBMW i3is available in a purely electric version or with a two-cylinder 650 cc (usually used in the motorcycle field) that burns petrol to give the so-calledRange Extender, the extension of autonomy with those extra kilometers that make you drive more relaxed. All the details on the actual autonomy of theBMW i3and the optionalRange Extenderare available on the dedicated page:Bmw i3, autonomy and Range Extender.

ThereBMW i3it is not just a zero-emission car, the entire bodywork and interior were created with particular attention to the environment. Just to mention one of the many measures implemented in the BMW factories, we point out the panels that cover the door and dashboard, entirely in recycled wool with the addition of natural elements such as the eucalyptus inserts themselves.

ThereBMW i3is the first born of the range "Bmw i " but it is certainly not the first BMW electric vehicle. Before that, there was the 1 Series ActiveE, the Mini Cooper and other plug-in hybrids or electric vehicles up to the 1602 Electric presented in 1972.

The interior is airy and the passenger compartment is spacious, at least for those traveling ahead. Those traveling behind, thanks to the clever opening of the doors, will have easy access but the amount of legroom for rear passengers is deceptively generous. Fortunately, the lack of a central tunnel makes life easier for those traveling behind.

For urban journeys (for which the car was born), those occupying the rear seats have no problems (as long as they are of medium height), however they begin to feel uncomfortable during longer journeys. In short, the car is comfortable but I would be careful to call it "a living room", as do many enthusiastic bloggers and dealers! After ours opinions driving, let's move on to performance and features.

Bmw i3 - Features

The car proves to be very agile in city travel. The rear-wheel drive platform offers a fun ride especially for accelerating starts as torque is immediately available.

Bmw i3 - Dimensions: 4 meters long. 1.78m wide and 1.58m high. It has a 260 dm3 trunk that can be extended up to 1,100 dm3. It features a 2.57m wheelbase. It's about afour places.

All information onperformance and equipmentare available on the dedicated page:Bmw i3, price and features.

Bmw i3 - Price List

BMW i3, price of 36,500 euroswith 125 kW (170 hp) engine - 4800 rpm. 250 Nm of maximum torque. Rear-wheel Drive.Maximum speed from150 km / h and acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h covered in 7.2 seconds.

Thecost of the BMW i3rises to 41,150 euros for the version withRange Extender. With the addition of the 10-liter petrol tank (for the small 650cc engine that acts like a power supply), acceleration times are extended and the sprint from 0 to 100 km / h is covered in 7.9 seconds . The weight also increases until it reaches 1,390 kg against 1,270 for the version withoutrange extender

Aicostsstandard equipment is indicated: Esp, climate, alloy wheels, automatic gearbox (obviously!), satellite navigator, parking sensors, electric front windows, bluetooth, height-adjustable driver's seat, split rear seat, electric rear-view mirrors, side airbags , head airbag, rear headrest, electronic traction control, external temperature gauge, special paint.

Among the main options, we indicate the cost of: radio for 220 euros, metallic paint with 690 euros. The fine interiors are added with 2,070 euros. The panoramic roof has an increase of cost of 1010 euros. The automatic speed control raises the price by another 1020 euros while the alarm only takes 500 euros.

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