Greater GAS protection: stop from July

The service of greater protection for gas contracts methane. All in the free market therefore (starting from 1 July) with the possibility of choosing the best offer among those proposed by the various operators.

This was decided by the Authority for Electricity, Gas and the Water System, AEEGSI, motivating that the abandonment of greater gas protection it will help simplify the energy market. Let's hope.

But the question is: what changes? First of all it is necessary to know that in Italy there have been two methods of supplying methane gas so far: Greater protection and the free market (or free market, depending on how the operators prefer to write it in the bill). The difference is in the contractual and economic conditions.

In greater gas protection, which disappears, the conditions are established by the AEEGSI, ie by the State, with criteria that reflect the trend of the gas raw material market. In Greater protection the price per cubic meter of gas varies from month to month and is communicated every quarter (January-February-March; April-May-Juneā€¦ and so on).

In free gas market it happens instead that the conditions are agreed between the customer and the supplier through a written contract. The euro / mc price is generally blocked for 12 or 24 months (regardless of the general gas price trend) and the clauses established at the time of signing apply.

Second question: better or worse for the consumer? Theoretically better, even if it becomes more difficult to juggle the various offers. Who so far has not chosen the free market by remaining in Greater protection often ended up paying a little more for gas per cubic meter, but was able to count on the transparency of the conditions guaranteed by the AEEGSI. Now we need to keep our eyes open.

The first consequence of the abolition of the greater gas protection it could be an early race towards the free market in the face of highly competitive proposals between the various operators. This is good. Contracts, however, as well as being based on an affordable price, must be clear and transparent.

The advantage of the free gas market resides above all in the price blocked for a period of at least one year or better (which protects from world turbulence) signed and signed with the 'particular supply conditions' (the sheet that the supplier must deliver at the time of signing the contract). Overly engineering mechanisms for calculating the euro / mc value often hide traps.

But be careful: locked price does not mean locked contract. In the free energy market, customers are free to change supplier whenever they want, even after the first bill, and without paying penalties (unlike what happens in telephony). Unless of course the particular conditions of supply (read them carefully) provide for something different ...

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