Exchange your Green habits on

Exchange your Green habits, sharing and disseminating them is the goal of, the online community born from an initiative of Greta Golia and Silvano Stralla.

The good green practices are actions aimed at reducing waste and the impact on the environment and arise from the good will and small efforts of all the members of this community that aims to spread a sustainable lifestyle.

To immediately see an example of these green habits, simply visit the bulletin board where you can see the contributions of the Community. Next to each good habit suggested there is a button "Contact me" with the number of people who have committed to adopt it. it is also aimed at companies, associations and bloggers: those who are committed to sharing "a green habit" are mentioned on the specific "Organizations" page. Soon this page will contain a real map so as to highlight the virtuous realities at a territorial level.

Since Contiamoci is online, many companies have been interested in this initiative including La Stampa, La Voce del Popolo, Terra Nuova and Tiscali News from which we offer this video interview with the founder, Greta Golia: also has a blog with a page dedicated to receiving proposals for visibility exchanges at no cost.

The goal is to aggregate active minorities, trying to spread more and more a message of social change and sustainable actions, to highlight an awareness of the current situation that it is necessary to change and stimulate the responsibility of today's generations to act to protect the well-being of future generations.

Video: sustainable habits to try during QUARANTINE (January 2022).